Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Waiting Game

Greetings droid watchers,

I must be brief today, as I am extremely busy tending to the needs of my master, nob01, who has a severe bout of Geonosian flu (similar symptoms to ordinary flu, except a markedly orange tinge to the mucus). I have a few clicks in between administering peko - peko noodle soup and running his warm bacta bath, so I'll quickly download my latest findings.

It would appear that this droid kept detailed files on her 'regulars'.

02.003 - WA-7 - Droid Waitress

Name: Gameldo
Species: Dug
Favorite Beverage: Nuna puree (with pulp)
Favorite Consumable: Goober Melt
Tipper?: Lousy, unless he wins big on the races
Special Notes: Do not seat near Gungans.

Name: Rin Yek
Species: Gran
Favorite Beverage: Sarlacc Spit Surprise (big spender)
Favorite Consumable: Felucia ground beetle eggs (over easy)
Tipper?: HUGE! Get those eggs right!
Special Notes: Blind in left and right eyes, use large print menu.

Name: Sargeant Stix
Species: Mandalorian? Clone? Try not to bring this up.
Favorite Beverage: Blue Milk
Favorite Consumable: Aiwha tenders on a bed of crispy can-cell wings
Tipper?: 15%, very efficient
Special Notes: Do not say "I think I know your brother." He hates that.

Name: Tikkes
Species: Quarren
Favorite Beverage: Mon Calamarian sea water smoothie
Favorite Consumable: Colo claw fish sushi
Tipper?: Big. These senators know how to flash their cash in front of a pretty droid.
Special Notes: Allergic to non-seafood.

Name: Obi Wan Kenobi
Species: Human
Favorite Beverage: Jawa Juice
Favorite Consumable: Never stays long enough to eat.
Tipper?: Claims Jedi don't carry cash, yeah, right.
Special Notes: Do not offer ysalamiri steaks.

There were a couple more in the data stream, but my master is whini... requesting my soothing presence, so I'll save them for another time.

Thanks for stopping by!

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