Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mother's Lube

Hello again,

Master nob01 is finally firing on all cylinders, so I can finally terminate my TLC programme and focus on this bag of chips. Thank you for your patience!

02.004 - KE-8 Enforcer - Kaminoan Clone Monitor Droid

32-5.4: Look at them all, all my little ones. When I was first assigned to this department, I feared for my audio receptors. Imagine my joy to learn that their cries would be muted behind plexi-glass chamber walls.
I know I shouldn't have favorites, but, I am particularly taken by F40572. there's something about the way he bangs his little fist against the chamber. I think I'll call him Oddball.

56-8.8: Well, it's been a week, and Oddball is living up to his name. The other children in the sensory development pen seem to back up against the cushioned walls when he toddles in. Then he heads straight for the inflatable aiwha and sits on its back, flapping its wings as if he wants it to fly him out of the lab. He also managed to damage KE-4's lateral repulsors with a well thrown building block, he has a good eye, this one.

62-4.0: Oddball has to be the most precocious two week old I have ever had to monitor. He said his first word today; "Freeze." He also strapped his lunch box to his back and jumped off the dining table. I still have no idea where he thought he was off to.

72-9.9: This first month has been pretty exhausting. Our masters have stepped up clone production and we are growing them at full capacity. Oddball has just served his first day in isolation. I can't really blame the instructors for punishing him, although I must say, it was extremely resourceful the way he caught KE-4, rewired him with a spoon, stuffed him in his gear bag and used him like a jet pack.Poor KE-4. He has put in for early retirement.

81-0.2: My, how the time flies. It can barely be a year, and yet Oddball is ready to take his first steps in the galaxy. I understand he is being assigned to the ARC training division. This is a sensible decision. If ever there was a clone grown to fly, this is it. Still, I'll miss the little troublemaker. Must stay composed, I can't let him see any leakages around my photoreceptors. Sometimes it is so hard to let go.
Oh well, back to the other 449,999 in my charge...

Though I have had some 'emotional' moments myself, I always thought they were caused by mild short circuiting. I think this chip reveals the softer side of our metal bretheren.

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