Saturday, July 08, 2006

I don't go south of the river, mate.

Hello again, my shiny and fleshy friends.

This is quite a complicated entry, so only the alert should attempt to decipher this data stream...
When I first decrypted this data chip, I thought I had stumbled across a completely new language. However, after some useful input from my protocol droid colleague, I have managed to supply a translation of some of the more difficult expressions.
It appears that this droid was well versed in an obscure form of speech that originated in the Kok-Nee system, an outer rim cluster nestled within the U-K galaxy.
For your perusal, I shall present the data as directly decrypted, then provide a translation guide to help you with the download. Good luck.

02.006 - RIC-920 - Rickshaw Droid.

"So, I picked up this nice young couple after they had just left their sab, and the guy says they wanna go to Watto. Don't make no sense to me, but the gaderffii had a nice pod so I took 'em to see him. You know what, I think was of 'em was flyin', 'cause I heard him talkin' about the charging. Well, you never know who yer gonna pick up these days, so I dont blow a cantina over it. Anyways, the ol' blasters were beatin' down and I was getting Bith in me joints, let alone a whole buncha sarlacc in me peepholes. Still, when yer work for the banthas, you gotta take the lumps with the smooth, and I ain't the kinda inky to make a fuss. I dropped 'em off opposite the shining, and of course, Watto was right there. Not much of a radar, but if he really was flyin', then he probably didn't have any blindin' on him anyways. I guess I'm a lot cheaper than renting a heavy, but still, an inky's gotta eat ain't he?"

Kok-Nee to Basic translation guide.

sab, from sabbac chip = ship
gaderffii, from gaderffii stick = chick
pod, from pod race = face
flyin', from flying the red eye = jedi
charging, from charging horse = force
cantina, from cantina booze = fuse
blasters, from blaster gun = sun
Bith, from Bith band = sand
sarlacc, from sarlacc pit = grit
banthas, from bantha butts = Hutts
inky, from inky void = droid
shining, from shining star = bar
radar, from radar blip = tip
blindin', from blinding flash = cash
heavy, from heavy bleeder = speeder

I hope that helps!

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