Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bonk, Gonk

Greetings once again mechs and fleshy ones,
I could contain myself no longer and had to share this download with you!
When I first began decrypting the power droid chip, I did not expect to find much, just a lot of standing around in corners, or the ocassional walk around the block. Imagine my surprise when the datastream from this particular chip revealed a hidden side to the little cuboid generators few of us ever knew.
Somehow, this little droid had developed a talent for the creation of Sullustan poetry, how this happened I do not know, but it had mastered many forms of this complex art. As you are no doubt aware, the closest equivalent to Sullustan poetry might be the Earth bound 'haiku' - examples of which I have enjoyed on the data stream of Master Moose (see blogs on I have also scanned the poetry recitals presented by Master Stooge, so I am well aware that my audience is sophisticated enough to enjoy these examples.
Sullustan poetry is revered around the galaxy for its soul searching beauty and succinctness, but more so for the 43,527 known forms of it.
This droid appeared to have mastered just four of the forms, but it has done so admirably.
Without further ado - I present the Sullustan poetry of a power droid.
(Number of syllables for each form is displayed)

01.010 - Power Droid

Ta naa form - 1-1-6

Ta naa form 1-1-6
I long to skip and jump

Fee go form 5-3-2
Lucky astromech
Plugs into
My port

Huu Da form 2-6-9
My love
Waves to me from afar
But I cannot return the gesture

Gee Luu form 1-1-3-8 (some say this is the hardest form to master)
Filthy jawa get off me now

There are thousands more, but I am pressed for time.
If you wish to dip an extremity into the waters of Sullustan poetry, please feel free to include your efforts in your response upload - I think it would be best to stick the above forms for now.

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