Sunday, July 09, 2006

Riding the Rays

FX-9 here, with the last datastream from the second batch of chips that I have decrypted,

You heard correctly. The remaining chips in the ugnaught's bag, are enscribed with designation codes from 20BBY thru 5ABY, and their visual records can be viewed on the holo-disks labelled EPIII-EPIV.
Before I get to them, however, I have one last chip here that I have decrypted and downloaded for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

02.009 - FA-4 - Solar Sailor Pilot Droid

Pilot Log 43/2.7 - Up until this moment, being in the service of the organic known as Count Dooku has been rather pleasant, if uneventful. His manner with me has been curt, yet polite, and he has never issued an unreasonable demand. Until now.

I knew something was amiss as soon as I saw the Count enter the hanger. From my position in the cockpit, I observed him dismounting his speeder bike with a flourish that belied his physical appearance, and what followed was quite extraordinary.

No sooner had he relayed his orders to me, and I had begun warming up the engines, than he was brutally attacked by two swarthy looking characters with weapons known as lightsabers. Imagine my surprise when Master Dooku produced one of his own, and valiantly defended himself. Were I not locked into my programming cycle, I would have attempted to help him, but I could only watch helplessly as the battle ensued.

Pilot Log 43/2.8 - The Count fought with skill and honor, and appeared to have bettered his attackers, when he was confronted by an alien organic, the species of which I have no record of in my databanks. This small creature also proceeded to attack the Count, and he defended himself with bravery and cunning as I signalled that the ship was ready.

The small alien jumped around like a worttling in spring, and even left a footprint on my viewport. I shall have to clean it when we reach Coruscant. I hear they have excellent window maintenance droids there.

Pilot Log 43/2.9 - Count Dooku managed to extradite himself from the cowardly attack of the organics in the hanger, and has settled into his chamber. If I never fly back to this planet again, it will be too soon. Someone even shot at us as we flew out of the hanger! Incredible!

Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive about leaving the planet, as I normally have much more time to calculate the optimum window for leaving the atmosphere. The asteroid belt that circles this planet is deadly, especially for a ship such as this. One small rock though the mainsail, and our trip could be cut short very quickly. My thoughts turned to my previous owner, Master Sark, who was even more careless with his own Solar Sailor. But that is another story.

Pilot Log 43/3.0 - It would appear that my years of flying have amounted to something, as I successfully navigated a course away from the Geonosis system, and managed to rendevouz with a particularly strong solar flare. This one will carry us 75% of the way to Coruscant. I am looking forward to reaching the capital planet. From the conversations I have overheard between Count Dooku and his superior, Master Sidious, it would appear that exciting times are ahead.
As we drifted though the Muunilinst sector, I observed gamma flares radiating from the outer tips of the Rekab Nebula, dancing with sparkling star dust rings. Out here I am in a truly wonderous place.
I am so lucky that my primary function allows me to navigate through this peaceful and wonderous galaxy. May its tranquility last forever.

There you have it. FA-4's tranquility was soon to be shattered - and much of this should be recorded on the next batch of chips which, if my suspicians are correct, should shed some more light on the period we come to know as The Clone Wars.


YoshiYoda said...

Nice job, FX-9!

The small alien jumped around like a worttling in spring, and even left a footprint on my viewport. I shall have to clean it when we reach Coruscant. I hear they have excellent window maintenance droids there.


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Thanks YoshiYoda!

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