Saturday, July 08, 2006

PK Whopper

Well, I was dilly dallying around in the maintenance shed, decrypting and downloading some new chips, when I stumbled across this one.
A prime example of a droid having ideas above his station.

01.005 - PK Droid

04.05-2: Lift this, move that, pull those levers. It's a crime, I have so much untapped potential and yet I am reduced to these menial tasks. It seems that every day consists of picking up one plasti-steel crate and carting it to the other end of the corridor, where it is picked up by another PK and transferred to another end. What's the point? There must be more to life.

84.03-2: Some action, finally! It appears some jedi knights have been causing a fuss on board, lots of battle droid pieces for me to pick up. I have been instructed to take thm to the other end of the corridor where I... wait a minute...

45.03-1: Mayhem! Mayhem I tell you! Our wonderful vulture droids have flown out to meet the Naboo starfighters, and I can hear the battle sounds coming from outside. This is more like it! Perhaps I could sneak on one of the drop ships, get down to the surface, be useful for once! I've heard Naboo is green and lush, and no corridors! I could lift a box and take it just about anywhere! Oh, the possibilities... wait, what's this? Well, would you believe it, a Naboo starfighter, right here, in the middle of the hanger. Our boys should make short work of that - now there's some wreckage I wouldn't mind carting around.
Whoa! That thing is still working? .........

That's all for this one, I've just dug up some interesting looking chips though, so I should have some more juicy droid ramblings for you next time.

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