Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Pick Up Artist

Greetings my metal bretheren and organic friends,

The next chip I managed to decrypt was, by a strange coincidence, also recorded during the Boonta Eve Podrace. As the contents revealed themselves, I was struck by the utter monotony of the droid's activities, until I stumbled across a heavily coded message. Imagine my surprise upon downloading the full data stream.
Well, here, I'll let you scan it for yourself.

01.009 - Salvage Droid - SKV-38

32.876-D - It is complete! You were correct in your assumption that it would only require one more race to gain the parts we so desperately required. The Boonta Eve Classic did indeed turn out out to be the scrapyard we had hoped for, and the Republic credits we spent on hiring the Tuskens was money well spent. They managed to take out several pods (but not the Dug's unfortunately), providing me with plenty of pieces to pick and choose from.I am sending you a storage crate tomorrow morning. Look beneath the dried goober fish and you will find a detachable panel, remove the panel and the ion capacitors will be in there, as well as that extra mag-coupler you required.
So, how does she look? I will be so happy to leave this sand ball at the very next opportunity, and look forward to the day when we are winning our own races!
I hope the credits you are sending for my passage arrive soon, as I have nothing left after paying off the sand people. I expect it will turn up as soon as you receive the final crate. I must admit, I have been a little anxious lately, and rather surprised, that I haven't heard from you in a while, but I expect you are busy fine-tuning the thrusters and getting her ready for the Hoth Knockout. I just want to make sure you understand that I am still behind this venture one hundred percent, and look forward to being the galaxy's first ever non-organic owner and winner!
You can rely me to do my part, as I do you. After all, if you can't trust a Rodian, who can you trust?
SKV-38 out.

I think the fact that we have never heard of a droid owner winning any podrace speaks volumes...

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Great post! This should be a sticky or something, I will be reading this for years to come, or maybe even pick-up women with it! I train guys every week with this stuff so it's refreshing to see someone else on the same level as me!

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