Saturday, July 08, 2006

Vulture Culture

Well, here we are again, and what a day I've had!
Firstly, an emergency on Coruscant which meant performing the kind of prosthetic reconstruction I haven't done since...well...let's just say it was a few years ago and we didn't really realize what we were being ordered to do. Then, when I'm relaxing in the med-bay, poking around in the bag of chips, I make the most astounding discovery! One, solitary, golden chip, a protocol chip, with the 3PO designation etched into its surface.
Naturally, I thought this would be a find of great importance, so I am taking extra special care over this chip so as to provide a succinct and detailed report for your perusal. In the meantime, here is an unusual data stream that I downloaded just before the Coruscant emergency. It barely required any decryption, and its contents may be an aquired taste, but here it is.

01.006 - Vulture Droid: TL3-D

76-03 - All quiet in the hanger, nothing to report.

43-27 - All quiet in the hanger, nothing to report.

63-01 - I went for a walk today, just around the hanger, no where else. I couldn't go anywhere else even if I wanted to, the doors leading to the rest of the ship are only big enough for battledroids and Neimoidians. I walked in an anti-clockwise circle 84 times, then clock-wise 72 times. I stopped for a while and kicked a crate several meters across the hanger floor, just to see what happened. A PK unit picked it up and put it back where it was. I asked the PK unit why he did that, and it replied that it wasn't sure. We're all going stir-crazy in here. Apart from that, nothing to report.

64-87 - All quiet in the hanger, nothing to report.

43-04 - A quick training flight. I flew in an anti-clockwise circle 49 times around the control ship, then clockwise 64 times. The bosses had us practising attack configurations and hanger defense. As if anything could fly into the hanger anyway. After an excellent landing, made a point to kick the crate again. Apart from one annoyed PK unit, nothing to report.

54-87 - All quiet in the hanger, nothing to report.

72-09 - An attack order! At last! Command data is stacking in my combat queue, launch, attack configuration 7F, eliminate all unknown quantities. Let's see what these Naboo organics are made of.
I kicked the crate on the way out.

73-82 - I got one, I got one! Shiny silver and yellow ship, flew apart when I blasted it! Finally, something to report. I must return to the hanger and download the combat data.

74-12 - The hanger is buzzing with activity. Vulture droids are returning all around me, then relaunching to continue the fight, I never knew it could be like this! I'll just make a quick report, then it's back out to carry on the battle.

74-18 - My download was interrupted when a lone starfighter came skidding into the hanger. I noticed it knocked over the crate as it came to a stop, but I don't see that PK droid anywhere. Who's going to pick the crate up? Why am I concerned about the crate? Enough distracting speculation, others are closing in on the starfighter, I should do the same.

74-22 - Hey! That thing's still worki......?

The rest of the data was fried after that report I'm afraid.
Anyway, back to work, these chips won't decrypt themselves.

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