Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Doctor's Orders

05.002 – 2-1B Surgical Droid

Private medical files of Master Luke Skywalker
Includes Surgeon Droid notes and recommendations.

3ABY/32.87 – Master Skywalker reacted extremely well to the bacta treatment and should make a complete recovery from the injuries sustained at the claws of the wampa he encountered. All traces of hypothermia have been erased and his core temperature is now stable. All frostbitten extremities have been treated and saved.
In my opinion the patient was extremely lucky. This incident could have resulted in the loss of a limb.

I have observed the patient engaging in mutual transferal of saliva with a high-ranking member of the rebel alliance. I am detecting contradictory commands in my ethics circuits and am unsure whether I should reveal the results of my DNA records to either party.

3ABY/34.55 – The cybernetic hand that I have given Master Skywalker seems to be operating extremely well, though I am rather disappointed that the patient has chosen to cover it up with a glove, as my work on the synthi-skin took several hours to perfect. I have recommended that the patient avoid any strenuous activity over the next six weeks, including lifting heavy objects, racquet sports and dueling with Sith Lords.

I am happy to report that the relationship between the patient and the high-ranking official appears to have developed into a purely platonic one, and feel that I may not have to report the risk of genetic mutation through inbreeding.
I had enough trouble with that gungan couple several years ago.
Really, how does one explain that their child was born without webbed feet?

3ABY/58.02 – Minor scrapes and abrasions picked up whilst held in Kalaan Prison.
Removal of crude tattoo that read ‘Dad’ from upper arm; depiction of heart torn in two with the word ‘Leia’ inscribed upon chest also removed.

3ABY/89.88 – Master Skywalker suffering from acute case of Crimson Forever. Administering eye drops at 2-hour intervals and taking opportunity to reconfigure his cybernetic prosthetic.
Am still rather shocked at the facial transformation caused by the wampa attack, despite the bacta treatment.
The patient looks like he has been in a speeder crash.

4ABY/21.40 – Major restorative therapy required for Master Skywalker. I have repaired all damage sustained by cybernetic hand and am currently treating patient for major internal shock damage. The patient’s body appears to contain 57% more electrical charge than a normal humanoid, and discharging this surplus has proven to be complicated. I have had two FX-7 units short out on me already, plus the patient’s electro-static charge causes all hair and paper to levitate alarmingly.

I have had to administer 300cc of calming agent to his wookiee visitor.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Little Slice of Star Wars

As you may or may not know, offers fans the chance to create back stories for the lesser known characters and vehicles, and I was lucky enough to have my entry selected!

This means so much to me, no matter how small contribution might be, as Star Wars has been the main thing in my life for the past 30 years - what an honor to actually be a part of it!

You can go here to see the official databank entry, or here to see how represented it.

Below is my original, unedited submission.

With sales of their cheap and durable line of PK droids remaining constant, Cybot Galactica turned to R&D officer, Naftrat Odarr, to push the model into new territories.

Odarr, a Sullustan recently headhunted from Sorosuub, began to consider the Intel capabilities of the innocuous little droid, and set about filling much of its cranial unit with audio visual equipment.

Ironically, the first test took place at Sorosuub, which resulted in Cybot Galactica presenting an LE Manifest Droid four months before Sorosuub’s own FA-1 model was released.
Odarr vanished during the ensuing battle in the courtroom between the mighty manufacturers.

The effectiveness of the Intel PK series (I-PK) became legendary, and the remaining models were sought after by company operatives and mercenaries alike. Ultimately, a handful made their way via a shady Hutt deal to Tatooine, where they were soon sold to slave dealers and owners, who realized that these little droids were a perfect way to keep tabs on their property, and were hardy enough to weather out the harsh conditions of the dusty planet.

Nicknamed Rolo-droids for their single uni-wheel, the I-PKs served their nefarious masters well, until a small boy, the son of a slave, encountered one stuck beneath a reclining dewback, and took it home to tinker with. This boy was Anakin Skywalker, just turned six years old, and skilled enough to reprogram a simple droid unit.

Upon discovery of the I-PK’s purpose, Anakin set about capturing as many as he could, reprogramming their circuits so that the slave owners believed nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

Young Skywalker’s actions resulted in the escape of seventeen slaves from Mos Espa and would have helped many more had he not been taken from the planet by the Jedi Council, thus ending his ability to maintain their reprogramming.

I-PKs remained in use for ten more years, until they were rendered obsolete by the Mark IV Sentry Droid.

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