Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Someone to watch over me.

Journal Entry 35/b-0.3

Well, the kid has just been born, and it appears Master Plagueis had one more ace up his sleeve.
Not only is there a son of Skywalker, but also a back up unit, a girl.
Always good to have insurance.
Just 20 more years before phase 2 of the plan can take effect, first I have one last thing to do… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

It’s not been easy keeping this girl alive, but it was imperative that she remained healthy and fertile long enough for Skywalker to sire the catalyst of Palpatine’s destruction.
It hasn’t been easy.

I remember during the Battle of Naboo, I had intended staying by her side, blowing the circuits of any droids that came near her, even ready to take on that petulant oaf, Maul, if needed.
I just made one mistake, rolling a little too close to the underbelly of an N-1 starfighter. Still, I made the best of a bad situation and managed to take out the Neimoidian control ship, so no harm done there.
The girl survived too, so I was back on track.

A few years later, things got a little tougher. It seemed like everyone was out to get her and Dooku’s meddling nearly messed everything up. I guess I got complacent. My security sweeps of her bedroom were standard to say the least, but I should have picked up on the two Kouhun lifeforms. I couldn’t afford to be so sloppy.

After a dull couple of days on Naboo (sithspawn, how I hate that planet), the girl’s impetuousness took us first to Tatooine where I had to put up with that insufferable protocol droid again, and then on to Geonosis. Now I had my work cut out for me.

Honestly, if there were a trap or a dead end, that girl would walk straight into it.
I managed to manipulate the timing of the die cutting presses so that she could take her little jaunt along the conveyor belt, but when she fell into the smelting pot I had a good mind to leave her there. I arrived at the smelting controls with plenty of time to spare, but took my time shutting them down, toying with her a while. Hopefully that’ll teach her a lesson.

Shortly after her capture I made myself scarce, staying in the shadows and affecting minds so that nobody saw me. I let the 3PO unit dig his own grave in the droid plant, and hoped that would be the end of him.
I watched from a spire as the girl and the two Jedi were strung up, and formulated a plan to get them out of there. I had already sent a message to the Jedi Council with coordinates to the arena, and as I scanned the audience I could see Jedi slowly infiltrating the onlookers.
As much as the promise of bloodshed excited me, my priority was keeping the girl and the chosen one alive, just long enough for them to procreate.

When the creatures arrived I could see this would be a push-over, and I used a force grip to hold the nexu back while the girl could regain her footing atop the column. Her puny attempt to kick it would not suffice, so I crushed its lungs as she hit it, then held it in place, steering the reek into its path. Easy.

The ensuing battle in the arena was a mess of bug parts and lightsabers, but I managed to keep her shielded long enough for the evacuation.

A sudden thought hit me, and I reconstructed the 3PO unit.
He could come in useful later.

During the Clone Wars I was inevitably stuck on Skywalker’s ship, but the girl didn’t seem to be in any real danger. Also, the reprogramming I had surreptitiously carried out on the 3PO unit meant that every drink or meal he served her was laced with fertility drugs. I wasn’t taking any chances.

Finally, the bringer of vengeance (and his sister) were conceived and all I had to do was make sure the girl stayed healthy. Palpatine was busy turning Skywalker to the dark side, without a clue that he was determining his own fate, the fool.
I had to make sure that Skywalker would become the twisted monster that was needed to destroy his own dark master so I clouded his mind, made him believe that his wife was unfaithful, forced him to choke her. As he and Kenobi went off to play I kept the girl alive. I could sense the younglings in her were strong with the force, and had to ensure they were born without compliation.

As soon as Kenobi returned (having left Skywalker alive, thankfully) I guided us all to Polis Massa, and there witnessed the birth of the end of Palpatine. A most touching moment.

Which brings me back to the beginning. Just one more task to carry out before I can rest for a while.

The girl cannot be allowed to survive.

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