Monday, September 25, 2006

Ooba Baby

03.007 – Midwife Droid

Report 2-33/S1

As is required by Polis Massan procedures, I made my first, and last, follow up call on Tatooine, to visit the child known as Luke Lars (nee Skywalker).

His adoptive parents, a Master Owen Lars and Mistress Beru Lars, appeared to still be coming to terms with their unexpected delivery. However, I detected ready acceptance of the human child, and believe he is in good hands. The human female appears to be kind and willing to support the child in every way possible, whereas the human male seemed a little over keen to know when the boy would be ready to work on the moisture vaporators.

The family share a modest adobe homestead, with a few basic droid workers and a minor wamp rat infestation, although Master Owen this shouldn’t be a problem once the boy is old enough to deal with them.

As for the child himself, I noted a couple of strange things about him, although none of these seem to be cause for concern.

His adoptive parents claim that he has, on several occasions, fashioned a grappling hook from a diaper pin and blanket thread, and escaped from his crib each time. Luckily there is nowhere for him to crawl to, and he is soon picked up by local jawas and returned to the homestead.

I also noticed that for some reason, he wore a dark mitten on his right hand, and his left garment is nowhere to be found. The Lars are perplexed as to where this mitten came from.

Holo-Image of human child.

He is a healthy child, drinking vast quantities of blue milk every day, and exhibits signs of great athleticism. While I carried out my survey, it seemed that the child had no difficulty in reaching a particular toy, in fact once or twice it appeared as if the toy came to the child!
I must remember to get my photoreceptors checked upon my return.

In summation, I believe the child is in good hands, and should enjoy a healthy, if uneventful life on the farm.


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