Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Harrison vs. The Empire!

Hello again,

Gosh, it's been a long time - sorry for the crafty delay but I have been busy with a new baby boy (Harrison Jaan Baker) and lots of animation work.

Anyhoo - excuses aside - I thought it might be fun to make a little Star Warsy something for Harry to play with, and due to his megalomaniacal nature, figured an Imperial craft would be perfect for his crib.

I wanted to make something without stitching - so this craft involves a popsicle stick, styrofoam ball, card, felt and non-toxic glue.

First, I rammed the stick through the ball. Ramming is fun.

Next, I cut out an appropriate sized piece of gray felt and wrapped it around the ball, gluing it down.

I ringed the front and back of the ball with a thin strip of felt to give it some strength and shape.

And then I glued rolls of felt around the 'arms' before sticking the tiny shapes of the window onto the front of the ball. I like to think there's a tiny felt TIE pilot in there who is now delighted that he can see where he is going.

I cut the hexagonal wing panels out of card and then glued more gray felt to the front and back of them.

And then I glued more black shapes to the wings to give them their distinctive pattern.

Finally, I glued the wings to the 'arms' (or 'struts' if you want to get technical) and there we have it, a finished TIE Fighter, ready for action.

Of course, it lasted for less than 12 parsecs before Harry singlehandly took on the Empire and flattened it.

Note to self: Stitching is good.

Hey, who said crafts were meant to last forever?

Until next time, cheerio!


Granny-Wan said...
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Granny-Wan said...

OMG he's adorable... and destructive, I like that in a boy...LOL

Gidrea Lightsky said...

Hey, that's a fine looking boy you have there. Future Emperor, I'm sure. I like the TIE fighter, but maybe you need a stronger glue! ha!

Hey Granny, LTNS, how are you?

jedilily said...

So Harry is what the Rebels really needed. Who woulda known. So cute on the outside!!!

Love the tie fighter...I've have to see if I can do one for my grand (padawan) so he can crush it also.


YZF said...


Do not underestimate the power of the four-month old.

(I know he's older than that, but it worked.)

starthunder said...

Wow. I could hear the "MwaHaHahAA" all the way over on the east coast! :D

JediMelindaWolf said...

Harry took on the Empire and won!!! Yay!!!

I would suggest a crib mobile of TIEs and xwings, but, with the day that he'll be standing looming in the not-too-distant future, maybe one in the corner of his room would be better. ;-)

Oh, he sooooo cute. Just think . . . it was just a couple of weeks ago, and he was letting his Auntie Melinda hold him. . .


Sarlacc-Pitt said...

An explosion of adorableness! :)

Jedi Master Mina said...

A Death Star? Personally, I'm still waiting for the Barf Star version. Harry and kitty-kins will be able to compare barf notes with each other...LMAO

johnnyivan said...

Hilarious! Wasn't expecting that punchline image Neil.